Design is the starting point of the construction process, which is why our company pays special attention to this stage of work, offering proven solutions based on the functionality, safety and energy efficiency of the future facility.

At the design stage, we can provide the most complete and detailed picture of the future building, take into account all the nuances and characteristics, and, most importantly, combine them with the requirements of the customer. The task of design is to show future transformations in drawings and diagrams, to think over measures related to the safety of people's lives and activities. When implementing the project, the customer's task, the requirements of building codes and technical regulations, the specific situation of the construction site are taken into account.

The result is a document - a construction project that serves as a guide to action when creating an object. The drawings contained therein are made in a language of symbols and conventions understandable to any qualified builder.

Design work begins with the collection of initial data. The report on engineering-geological tests shows the state of soils and groundwater. The topographic plan informs about the features and limitations of the site: red lines, relief, surrounding buildings, underground utilities, green spaces. Specifications establish power consumption and points of connection to city networks. The completed project documentation contains several volumes, including special sections on measures to ensure fire safety, environmental protection, and thermal protection of the building.

Design work

The design of modern buildings and structures begins with the development of preliminary solutions. The draft design consists of object plans, floor plans, sections, perspective images and facades.