The interior is a functional, comfortable, beautiful space around us, reflecting the inner world and character of a person, his lifestyle, values, habits.

Space is an important element of interior design. In space we move, we see forms, we hear sounds, we inhale aromas, we feel happy, successful, we feel comfort.

Geometric elements help to express space: point, line, plane, volume. They give shape, divide the space into inner, outer and define its boundaries. When organizing space, the designer takes into account:

  • functionality
  • technology
  • aesthetic perception
  • style

Bearing structures, partitions, openings, windows, doors define the physical boundaries of the premises and functional areas. Any changes in the physical boundaries of the space (width, length, height) are planned taking into account the design and architectural style of the building. This is the job of an interior designer. The main task is to achieve an aesthetic picture, to equip the space so that the physical and psychological requirements of the customer are met.